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  • Barrett Networks was recommended to me by someone I have trusted in business. They have more than just lived up to their reputation. They are always improving and do not settle on what some may consider sufficient. Nobody compares.
    Rick Dynek, backlink.com
  • I have been working with Barrett Networks for about two years and they are amazing. Not only is the pricing great but the technical support is also the best I've seen. I highly suggest Barrett Networks to everyone!
    TJ Jorgensen, TJ 21
  • Have been a customer for the last 2 years and have never had a issue with performance. On the last two occasions I have required help support got back to me within 10mins!
    Danny Spanner, South Bend, IN
  • Very fast service, I had to try 3 providers before I arrived here. Knownsrv failed, BoxSlots failed, but Barrett Networks really is the best for VPS hosting!
    Sacchidananda, India